Sandra King, Disability Sport & PE Consultant
Sandra King, Disability Sport & PE Consultant

PE Teacher Training


Sandra can delivering a one or two day Inclusive PE course designed specifically for trainee PE teachers. The areas that can be covered in this comprehensive course are :-

  • The inclusion spectrum - an organisational tool to help include students with individual needs in a variety of PE settings
  • STEPS theory - a practical tool to enable teachers to adapt and modify tasks, in order to enable access to all activities and ensure challenge and progress
  • Language and communication - covering what is acceptable language to use, and how to use inclusive language in lessons
  • Disability-specific sports such as Boccia and Goalball - a brief introduction to these sports and ideas of when to use them
  • Adapted sports such as Sitting Volleyball, Polybat (a version of Table Tennis), Table Cricket - what they are and who might play them
  • Adapting other sports such as Athletics, Rounders, Rugby, Hockey, Football - what adaptations are we aware of and how might we use these in a lesson context?
  • Information about different disabilities and things to be aware of when teaching someone with that disability, including advice on what questions to ask and where to go for help
  • Most importantly this course aims to give trainee teachers greater knowledge of inclusive PE practice and the confidence to include and appropriately challenge pupils in their classes

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Sandra King, Disability Sport & PE Consultant



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Inclusive PE course for Primary PE trainees

"Fantastically informative; I feel very confident and eager to teach 'PE for all'

"Excellent day that provided a lot of key knowledge that we can use in our lessons"

"Brilliant course. Very thorough. I feel a lot more confident teaching PE"

"Eye-opening and very relevant to teaching Primary"

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