Sandra King, Disability Sport & PE Consultant
Sandra King, Disability Sport & PE Consultant

Sandra has written three courses for Newcastle-based company Sport Works


  • Delivering Outstanding Primary PE -
    • What does Ofsted think 'Outstanding' looks like?
    • What does Ofsted expect you to do with your Primary PE & Sport Premium funding?
    • How do you ensure your SCHOOL is rated 'Outstanding' for PE?
    • How do you ensure your PE LESSONS are rated 'Outstanding'?
    • Building your confidence as an outstanding teacher of PE


  • Physical Literacy –
    • Fundamental Movement Skills - what they are, why we teach them, how we teach them 
    • Lesson delivery, planning, and assessment for learning in PE
    • Improving your knowledge and understanding of the PE curriculum and how to deliver it at Key Stage One, which underpins learning at Key Stage Two and beyond

  • Differentiation and Inclusion –
    • What you actually need to know about students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, and those who are Gifted and Talented in PE
    • Strategies for classroom management, curriculum and lesson planning, to enable differentiation and appropriate challenge for all
    • Practical adaptations to task, equipment and outcome that will enable you to ensure equitable access to the curriculum, stretching each individual according to their ability and need
    • Adapting Fundamental Movement Skills for students with physical disabilities
    • Applying or dis-applying the National Curriculum for PE at Key Stages One and Two - what should we expect, what do students need, and how can we impress Ofsted?

This is an exciting project for Sport Works, who operate several initiatives including both specialist sports coaching and educational work for disadvantaged groups. 


Sandra is an experienced PE teacher and respected course tutor. Since 2000 she has been delivering courses on behalf of a number of national agencies, as well as those that she writes herself, and receives consistently good feedback. In particular, she is known for the clarity of her delivery along with her in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm for PE. 


For more information, or to book any of the above courses, please contact Sandra at


Twilight CPD courses for Primary Teachers who deliver PE


Sandra has  developed a bank of two-hour Primary PE CPD courses with a view to delivering these in twilight hours. The aim is to help upskill teachers who feel that they lack the confidence or knowledge to deliver certain aspects of the PE Curriculum. 


The courses could take a slightly different format depending on the needs of the candidates:-

  • sport or activity-specific (this will introduce the key principles and elements of teaching a particular activity)
  • specific to one sport at one Key Stage (this will prepare the teacher to deliver a six week course in the chosen sport or activity)


The sports and activities that Sandra is initially offering are as follows -

  • Athletics (and Athletic-based multi-skills)
  • Boccia
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey (and invasion games in general)
  • Rounders (and striking/fielding games in general)
  • Swimming


These courses will be practical so course candidates should arrive prepared to participate in the activity please


Schools are encouraged to cluster together to spread the costs and fill spaces on each course. 


Email Sandra at or call 01487 47989101487 479891 or 07719336582 to discuss your requirements

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Sandra King, Disability Sport & PE Consultant



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Inclusive PE course for Primary PE trainees

"Fantastically informative; I feel very confident and eager to teach 'PE for all'

"Excellent day that provided a lot of key knowledge that we can use in our lessons"

"Brilliant course. Very thorough. I feel a lot more confident teaching PE"

"Eye-opening and very relevant to teaching Primary"

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