Sandra King, Disability Sport & PE Consultant
Sandra King, Disability Sport & PE Consultant

"We found the teaching and support of excellent value to us and it will help us deliver high quality gymnastic sessions"   ...Primary School class teachers 


Sandra - the children really enjoyed the gymnastic lessons you taught. The adults in the room alongside you noted that your expertise was inspiring and you could see the children progress. Your inclusive practice was also commented on - making sure everyone was involved and valued. Thank you. (Primary School Headteacher)


Feedback from a recent Inclusion course that I tutored -

During the day I asked specific advice on a child we have with Oppositional Defiance Disorder. Since taking Sandra's advice the child who until last week had not taken part in any physical activity for the past year, has participated in every PE lesson she has had timetabled. This has had a knock on effect to all lessons across the curriculum, including literacy and maths (which have always been a problem) and to her own self-confidence and self esteem and she is now smiling again which is amazing.

Dear Sandra,

It is hard to express in words the sincere gratitude I and all the Israeli Boccia team feel towards the effort and sincerity you exhibited us on your recent visit. The 4 day seminar you lead was taught at the highest levels of professionalism and skill. It was evident that your talent does not end at the game of boccia, but extends to an ability to connect with our disabled players in a deep and meaningful way. As an example, within 30 minutes of observing Nadav's shot your tips saved us tens of hours work with him. Your tips and professional assistance in developing a program plan will continue to be implemented by us in the months and years to come. Furthermore, the session you lead about combining boccia and the larger community was so powerful and insightful that it gave us the momentum to continue spreading the game of boccia in Israel. You went above and beyond our expectations, especially when you fell ill and lost your voice. You continued on with grace and determination, even with the given language barriers. 

You touched us all and we will continue feeling your presence for a long time to come. We look forward to seeing you again in Israel very soon.



Feedback from a Primary Swimming 2 hour CPD

 course -

"Excellent; the information and practical

 demonstrations about water safety were

 particularly valuable. Sandra is very knowledgeable

 and positive. Excellent INSET for Primary teaching

 staff" (Headteacher)   

"I never realised we could do so much in our small school pool. Training was engaging, fun and tremendously useful. I look forward to teaching the children using my new skills" (Assistant Headteacher)

"A fantastic course that has made me feel much more confident about the different areas that can be taught in swimming. The part on water safety was especially good. Sandra has great subject knowledge" (Student Teacher)




Thank you for visiting SportsAble today to deliver a Boccia Masterclass! It was truly fantastic and everyone enjoyed it. We can't wait to put into practice everything that we learnt and we will keep you updated with our progress. Thanks a million!

Xxxx mentioned to me that she'd like to get you back in! We all really enjoyed the presentation and can see how other coaches and athletes from other sports that we do here could benefit from a session tailor made to them. 


Boccia Leaders Award course in Oakham, Rutland

We attended your training last Friday. This was a really great session and we were really inspired to get started with boccia at our school. This Thursday we ran taster sessions for children and parents at our family fitness afternoon and everyone loved it. We used lots of ideas from your course and were really pleased with how successful they were.


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Inclusive PE course for Primary PE trainees

"Fantastically informative; I feel very confident and eager to teach 'PE for all'

"Excellent day that provided a lot of key knowledge that we can use in our lessons"

"Brilliant course. Very thorough. I feel a lot more confident teaching PE"

"Eye-opening and very relevant to teaching Primary"

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